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Offering Wellness & Leadership Programs for teams and Individuals that build



emotional intelligence, collaboration,

and overall wellbeing


         Over 16 years of dedicated practice in mindfulness and awareness practices, has brought Grace along a fruitful path of contemplation, inquiry, and empowerment. As she developed the tools of self-awareness and self-management she saw the profound impact that they had on her life including reduced stress, ability to see the bigger picture, increased connection with others, and a greater sense of overall joy and wellbeing. Grace has now found her passion in helping others create lives of wellness through mindful and engaged living.  


         Through the practices of Mindfulness, Meditation & Emotional Intelligence, Grace supports her clients in finding productive ways to work with stress and anxiety, developing a fluency with the emotions so that we can be less reactive, strengthening interpersonal communication, and leading a life with wisdom, empathy and compassion. 


            Grace has worked with fortune 500 Companies, Ivy League schools, and multi-national Non-profits to bring mindfulness practices to an array of communities around the world. Though she is currently teaching in the US, she has also taught in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Belize and Rwanda. She is a teacher and content developer for the guided meditation app, Simple Habit, and is on the Teaching Staff at the Copper Beech Institute. Grace has over 350 hrs of formal yoga training and is certified in Mindfulness Teaching from the Mindfulness Training Institute  and is a Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Certified Teacher. The SIY program was developed at Google by leading experts in neuroscience, business and psychology and brings mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience together to develop wise and compassionate leaders. 


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